One-Year Bible Reading Plan 2023

Read the Bible in a year!

It's easy enough to find a bible reading plan online for yourself, but it's much more edifying to read collaboratively, so we've posted a 5-day weekly reading plan that will take you through the entire Bible in a year!

Five readings a week gives you room to catch up or take a day off to focus on other bible reading or spiritual disciplines making daily bible reading practical and do-able.

The Old Testament readings are placed as chronologically as possible with the Psalms placed in accordance to Israel’s history when feasible. This is why some prophets will appear to be out of order. The only exception is the book of Job which is placed at the end of the schedule because it was hard to fit elsewhere.

Quick Tip: Read the plan in order as it appears on the schedule. For example, if a reading from Chronicles appears before Kings, then read from Chronicles first.